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Cavalcade of Links 4

April 7th, 2011 by Myrhaf · 2 Comments · Link Cavalcade

1. Ron Pisaturo compares two scenes in the Atlas Shrugged movie to the book. He shows how small changes can turn dialogue from romantic to naturalistic. This is a must-read for fiction writers.

2. Onkar Ghate reveals what is wrong with environmentalism. (Like everything.) This is the stuff you only get from Objectivists.

3. Barry Rubin writes that Hamas is moving toward war with Israel.

Hamas can fire an advanced anti-tank rocket because the Egyptian revolution has ended a regime that acted in its own interest to block most arms shipments to Hamas. The Egypt-Gaza border is now open. Terrorists and superior weapons are flooding into Gaza.

4. Marian Wright Edelman gives us the leftist case against budget cuts, and leaves no liberal cliche behind. You see, the Republicans want to rob from poor children in order to give money to corporations. You knew that, right? Her argument is economically ignorant but full of moral indignation — and that’s all she needs to flummox conservatives.

5. Yaron Brook on Capitalism Without Guilt, with a good Q&A session.

6. Vasko Kohlmayer is not impressed with Paul Ryan’s budget plan. Amy Peikoff wants cuts now, not over a 10-year period.

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  • L-C

    I read Ron Pisaturo’s analysis and it is well thought out. I had agree with a painful grin at the quote he included in the end.

    In Sweden, naturalism in art is completely dominating. Darkness, misery, swearing, vulgarity and plot-realism are just about the only thing you’ll find in adult oriented movies that aren’t comedies or action. Still, even then…

    It seems all they want to do is nod or cry.

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