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Strong Horse For A Day

May 2nd, 2011 by Myrhaf · 10 Comments · Uncategorized

Today we celebrate the killing of Osama Bin Laden. There has been little to celebrate in our long, muddled effort against totalitarian Islam, so let’s relish this triumph.

I think of this as a tactical victory in the context of our strategic defeat in this war. We have yet to get serious and fight this war the way it should be fought. Altruism and egalitarianism have us so submissive to world opinion that we can’t even name the enemy. The existence of the Department of Homeland Security shows that our government would rather keep its own citizens in a permanent state of terror than destroy the enemy.

But we should not let our overall failure diminish this tremendous victory. Osama talked about how the people will side with the strong horse over the weak horse. Well, we’re still here and Osama is not.

We went into the heart of Pakistan, blocks from the country’s version of West Point and killed Bin Laden with no American casualties. This a demoralizing defeat for the enemy. It must have crossed every militant Islamist’s mind that if Osama can’t hide from us, no one can.

It gets better. Patterico opined that giving Osama a burial at sea was a big mistake by Obama. I disagree.

Imagine if Osama’s corpse were still high and dry somewhere like Guantanamo Bay. The disposal of that corpse would become a battleground in itself, and we would surely lose that battle. We would hear pious lectures from professional multiculti whiners about Arab sensibilities. We would surrender the dead body to Saudi Arabia, where his grave would become a holy shrine to Islamists. The enemy would win a symbolic victory.

Instead, we threw Osama’s dead ass in the sea. You want to lecture us about Islamic burial? Too late. Your boy is fish food.

I will go so far as to say that throwing Osama’s miserable carcass in the ocean is the high point of Obama’s presidency. Nothing else he has done pleases me half as much.

Tomorrow we will return to appeasement as usual. Tomorrow we will act like the national symbol is the ostrich. Today the eagle soars.

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  • Ashley

    Wrapped in bacon would have been better but you take what you can get.

  • Jeff

    “I will go so far as to say that throwing Osama’s miserable carcass in the ocean is the high point of Obama’s presidency.”

    That’s not saying much, but I was thinking along the same lines. I was considering the entire event to be analogous to Kennedy’s performance during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

  • Inspector

    Beat me to it, Ashley, I was going to say the same thing, probably with a reference to Pershing in my case. But, yeah, this is a case of take what you can get.

  • madmax

    Well said. However, this entire incident illustrates that Pakistan is every bit our enemy as Iran and Saudi Arabia are. And they have nukes. Pakistan was harboring Osama all this time and taking billions from us all the while. They played us for fools. Not only that, Pakistan is supported by China. Goodness how we have screwed ourselves in more ways to count.

    Here is a question though: why did Obama do this? Obama is constitutionally incapable of defending America; he hates America (at least true Americanism). Is he trying to appear hard on foreign policy issues even if it pisses of the Progressives in order to win in 2012 so he can continue to socialize the economy? Or is he just a pragmatist more than a committed Marxist and he sometimes blows with the wind? He’s a tough guy to figure out in many ways.

  • Myrhaf

    Obama going after Bin Laden is not a contradiction. Leftists think of 9/11 as a criminal matter, not war. It makes perfect sense that he would make getting Bin Laden his first priority. Today he mentioned our “war against al Qaida.” He does not recognize the war against totalitarian Islam, but he does recognize the need to go after al Qaida. Perhaps it is unusual that he used the word “war” at all.

    Now, if Obama bombed Tehran, we would all be shocked. That ain’t gonna happen.

    Also, he is in full campaign mode. If Republicans used something like this for political gain, the Democrats would freak out in high dudgeon. Of course, I’ve heard MSM clips of reporters wondering if this will help Obama get elected. They don’t care about the war any more than they care about prosperity at home. They are serious about one thing only: power. So they are hoping that the killing of Osama Bin Laden helps Obama hold onto power.

  • Myrhaf

    I tell you, the hardest thing about writing this post was keeping Obama and Osama straight. I kept writing one when I meant the other.

  • Neil Parille

    According to one article he was given something of an Islamic burial. His body was washed and placed in a white cloth and a native Arabic speaker read a prepared Moslem text.

  • Inspector

    Myrhaf, you’re not the only one. I’ve been doing the same thing all week, and I even hear the local radio guys doing it. I heard Rush Limbaugh stutter it by genuine accident, also. It gets to be a tongue twister.

  • Myrhaf

    I don’t know why I confuse Obama and Osama. One is an enemy of freedom, and the other one is dead. (Ba-dum-dum.)

  • Mike N

    I think Obama saw Usama as a leader of a rival gang whom he could not allow to win. But no principles involved here.