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Great Minds of Western Civilization Series: Nancy Pelosi Edition

August 31st, 2011 by Myrhaf · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

It is common among the leftist elite, including the MSM, to question the intelligence of Republicans. They’ve been doing it at least as far back as Calvin Coolidge. Democrats are assumed to be intelligent.

Watch this video of Nancy Pelosi explaining economic issues.

She makes two jaw-dropping points.

1. Rich people have no rational reason to want to keep their money from being taken by the state and redistributed to the less wealthy. They must want to keep their money because they want immortality.

Pelosi does not understand that investment and growth depend on savings. The more capital one accumulates, the more he can use to create values. Every venture, from founding a factory to a corner lemonade stand, was started by accumulated wealth.

More money means more values to achieve. You can’t have too much money any more than you can have too much health.

When the state takes money from the rich it is used less efficiently. Almost three quarters of welfare spending goes to the bureaucracy. As a consequence, everyone’s standard of living declines. Money that might have gone to new inventions, scientific research, devices to make homemaking easier, ballet companies — you name it — goes instead to Washington, D.C., where it is wasted. If statists really wanted people to be better off and happier, they would get out of the way; somehow, this is the one thing they never do.

2. Republicans oppose the minimum wage in order to keep the poor in debt because that means more fees to bankers.

Pelosi does not understand that a minimum wage destroys jobs. It hurts young people at the beginning of their productive life, and inculcates the habit and expectation of dependence on the government — which the statists really want.

Moreover, if the poor work, then they accumulate wealth. Where do they put that wealth? Why, they put it in banks, which helps the banks more than any piddling fees the poor might pay on loans, if banks gave loans to starving people in the first place.

Nancy Pelosi has obviously never read a good economics book. Her ignorance makes her think those who oppose greater state control of the economy must be bad people.

Nancy Pelosi is one of the five most powerful people in America, and she is stupid. Really stupid. So stupid it’s scary.

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  • Inspector

    “Nancy Pelosi is one of the five most powerful people in America, and she is stupid. Really stupid. So stupid it’s scary.”

    Wow, you did it again, Myrhaf. I was getting ready to comment, until I read that last line, and saw that you had basically said exactly what I was going to.

    Well, at the risk of being redundant, then…

    I am astounded at how plain *stupid* this woman is. Both of those views she expressed are childishly stupid and ignorant. And it may just be the politician in her, but she sounded completely sincere in her views.

    The minimum wage point especially… it’s as if she’s never had an economics class in her life – not even high school level economics. And my experience with economics classes includes the fact that 2/3 of my professors were leftists. But even being leftist, they couldn’t help but teach the point about what price floors and ceilings do. But here’s Nancy Pelosi, arguably one of the top people in the country who influences the decisions that make government economic policies, and she’s 100% ignorant of even this most basic concept of economics.

    Now that is stupid. Nancy Pelosi, you are a stupid person.

  • Exile

    It is truly frightening that this type of intellect can rise to the position of Speaker of the House.

    What I find even more disturbing is the way she speaks to her constituents. It is reminiscent of the manner of an elementary school teacher to a circle of six year olds during story time – – “Imagine….Imagine.”

    She follows with bizarre pet-theories of the rich Republicans who, in their quest for immortality and bank fees (really…..immortality and bank fees?!?), force minimum wage earners to take out home equity loans and second mortgages (because well all know minimum wage earners with mortgages?!?!) and run up credit card debts. The whole while she engages in a disturbing amount of hand waving and other gesticulations. She is completely nuts or she hasn’t the slightest shred of respect for the intellect of her constituents – maybe its both.

    I try to stay positive about out prospects for the future. People like Nancy Pelosi, who has been repeatedly re-elected with 80% of the vote (and whose net worth is in excess of $50 million and rapidly climbing), remind us how bleak those prospects have become.

    The country, her politicians, and sadly the vast majority of her people have gone completely off the rails. The Tea Party movement has offered a positive spark, but I’m fairly certain that the country has not reached anywhere near the depth of its depravity.

  • Richard

    Pelosi didn’t rise to the top on her intelligence clearly. She’s a top politician because she can so deftly split her brain into keeping apart her Platonic ideals from reality. You can see it in her eyes: one sees an imaginary realm of the forms, the other helps her see where to put her footsteps in front of her and no further.

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  • Mike N

    Yes Pelosi is serious. She actually believes this nonsense. But what does that say about the voters who keep electing her? Are they equally as brain dead? I’m inclined to think so. And what is scary about this is that if Americans have been reduced to Zombie voters automatically reelecting people like Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, Conyers and Dingell et al, then why wouldn’t they stagger to the polls and re-anoint nit wit in chief Obama? I fear that 2012 may be a disappointment for freedom loving people. Before we can get the child out of the White House we must get the children who helped put him there out of congress.

  • Myrhaf

    Mike N, I hope San Francisco voters do not represent Americans at large. They’re pretty far left.