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Attack Watch

September 14th, 2011 by Myrhaf · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

During the health care “debate” — or suppression of debate — the White House asked people to send in anything that looked “fishy” from their opponents. Now they put out an even more ham-handed attempt to intimidate Americans: Attack Watch.

It is currently being laughed off the internet, which is a good sign. The Democrats look like the gang that can’t shoot straight.

Amy Peikoff calls it a case study of how force stops thinking. Victor Davis Hanson notes the similarity to Stasi tactics and to the defunct Journolist.

One Democrat defender says this is just what Clinton did with his “Rapid Response,” and I think that is true. The Democrats still live with the legacy of the 1988 presidential race between Dukakis and Bush. The Republicans demolished Dukakis, who did not respond adequately to attacks. Since then the Democrats have been determined to fight back against all attacks — but they don’t fight the ideas, they delegitimize and intimidate the attackers.

The Democrats are prone to these tone deaf campaigns of intimidation because they are what their base wants. Nothing gets the left so motivated as asking them to attack right-wingers. This is how your raise money on the left. This is the idea behind Media Matters and George Soros’s other operations.

The Democrats don’t ask their base to defend ideas and principles. What ideas to they have? What principles, other than the pursuit of power, do they hold dear? But ask them to attack those evil right-wingers, and you get the juices flowing.

You might remember that during the early years of the Bush 43 presidency, the Democrat base was furious with their legislators because they were not attacking Bush the way the Republicans attacked Clinton. Never mind that Clinton was a walking scandal factory and Bush was by political standards fairly honest; the base wanted blood.

It goes back to morality. The Democrats are altruist-collectivist-statists. It is self-evident to them that they are moral people — and so their opponents must be immoral. The left is good, the right is evil. They would sooner question the law of gravity than this assumption.

Leftists believe that in any conflict with the right their primary task is not to refute ideas, but to reveal their opponents’ wickedness. Ideas actually get in the way because those cunning right-wingers use them to manipulate the minds of unsuspecting Americans. Opponents of ObamaCare were called nazis, KKK, mean-spirited, racists, a mob, and so on. And the substance of the bill? As Nancy Pelosi said, we’ll have to pass it to find out what’s in it. They did not bother with a serious debate of the issues; instead their energy went into demonizing and smearing the right.

Attack Watch is just one more sign that the left is out of ideas. They are an intellectual black hole and a spent force.

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  • Mike

    The link escapes me, but there was an article about this in one of the major newspapers not long ago that supports this premise by arguing that Obama no longer needs to do anything his base wants, because they hate Republicans so much they will never vote for one no matter what else happens.

  • Myrhaf

    At this point, Mike, I think any leftist capable of looking at economics and national security honestly does not long remain a leftist. He become a neo-con or a “9/11 conservative.”

  • c andrew

    Myrhaf wrote “…He become a neo-con or a “9/11 conservative.””

    Like David Mamet.

    These are some excerpts from a review of David Mamet’s “Secret Knowledge: the dismantling of American culture.”

    Chap. 1: “We cannot live without trade. A society can neither advance nor improve without excess of disposable income. This excess can only be amassed through the production of goods and services necessary or attractive to the mass. A financial system which allows this leads to inequality; one that does not leads to mass starvation.”

    Chap 3: “The grave error of multiculturalism is the assumption that reason can modify a process which has taken place without reason, and with inputs astronomically greater than those reason might provide.”

    Chap 4: “College, while it may theoretically teach skills, also serves to delay the matriculation of the adolescent into society.”

    Chap 5: “No, the luckless product of our Liberal Universities, skill-less, will not touch that item his culture named taboo: work. So we see the proliferation, in the Liberal Communities, of counselors, advisors, life coaches, consultants, feng shui ‘experts,’ as the under-educated chickens come home to roost.”

    Chap 6: “A subjective system can never be shown to have failed. If its goals are indeterminate, general, and its progress incapable of measurement, how can its performance be faulted?”

    Chap 7: “From the Left’s point of view one need not work, and may not only Hope to be provided for, by this government, but may insist upon it.”

    Chap 8: “A Slave is not permitted to make these distinctions. Al of his behavior is circumscribed by the will of his master. The necessity of making distinctions is the essence of freedom, where one not only can but must choose…The essence of freedom was and is choice.”

  • Myrhaf

    I wish I had written “he becomes” instead of “he become.”

  • c andrew


    I thought you were just displaying your multi-dialect understanding of English!

  • Myrhaf

    As Steve Martin said, some people have a way with words and some, oh… not have way.

  • Kent J

    Dennis Miller Rules!!!!