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Cavalcade of Links 10

October 26th, 2011 by Myrhaf · 27 Comments · Link Cavalcade

1. An analysis of Obama’s willingness to act above the law.

2. President Robespierre.

3. The solutions are out there.

4. Obama’s political skills are lacking.

5. Why does Peter Schiff even bother trying to reason with these people?

6. California’s economic suicide. I’m seriously think it’s time to move…

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  • L-C

    Regarding number 6, how about Delaware?

  • Myrhaf

    I would probably stick with the west. I’m used to the desert, so snow is a great inconvenience in my mind.

  • Inspector

    Arizona is pretty great. Just sayin.

  • Inspector

    Oh, but please don’t tell other Californians. Too many of them have already had this thought process: “California is bad and Arizona is good so I’m going to move there but keep voting like I’ve been voting.”

  • Myrhaf

    I drove up the 5 to Oregon once in the early ’80s, and there was an official sign on the border that said, “Welcome to Oregon — just don’t stay here.”

  • Inspector

    Ha! Oregon. I saw a comic once where a police car followed a guy from California through the entire state of Oregon, border to border.

  • Myrhaf

    Oregon is happy for Californians to go there to spend money for a week, but after the money is spent, they want them to go home.

  • Inspector

    I suppose I can’t blame them, given the madness that is California.

  • c andrew

    Yeah, we really hated it in the 70’s when they Californicated Idaho.

    So, we don’t like what California has become.
    So, we move to an as yet unspoiled state.
    So, we continue to vote for the same crap that gave us the social pathologies that made us hate California.
    So, we wonder why other states hate California ex-pats.

    Not you Myrhaf. You’d be a credit to any state in the union.

    Oh, here’s another fun fact. The California juvenile detention system would defer your sentence if you’d move out of state. That’s how sunny California exported their gang problem.

  • Antacid

    My sister lives in Oregon. From what she tells me, they make California seem sane.

  • madmax

    I hate to bring this up but it needs to be asked. California is only 40% non-hispanic white. Its roughly 40% hispanic. It really is in danger of becoming Mexicano Norte. I get that racialism has its origins in genetic determinism but lets be realistic, in our day and age and given the reality of the Left, what will be the future of an entirely all Mexican and black California? Could you realistically expect to spread Objectivism in that culture? Will it even be safe to live there if you are a white person? Ask Reginald Denny. Oh wait, he’s dead.

    These are not racist questions. This is life and death stuff. If the economy should go and social cohesion should become destroyed, how safe is a middle class white person in a predominantly hispanic and black polity? I know, I know. Laissez-faire is the solution. But what about now?

    To be honest, I am thinking of moving to the whitest, most sparsely populated region of the country. I just have to find where that is and what I am going to do when I get there. When the shit hits the fan, a population of all white people will pull themselves together and work with each other. But a mixed race population like Detroit? or New Orleans? or LA? or NYC? Come on. Someone here show me that Objectivists are not suicidally blind to race differences like leftists are.

    You don’t have to be an HBDer or a PaleoCon to see that we are staring a RACE WAR in the face. The future of America is NOT Peikoff’s M2 Christian theocracy. That is INSANE. Its Rome all over again but we are not getting a reinvigorated Christian era. The Western Roman Empire fractured into 44 different territories. North America is going to do the same. Christianity is a white European phenomenon. What the Mexicans will bring with them is a racial egalitarianism with Christian window dressing. That window dressing will be shed though in time and what you will be left with is a society characterized by race conflict just like you see all over former British colonies in Africa. In case you don’t know, whites are being SLAUGHTERED there.

    Yeah, yeah. I’m a racist. Whatever.

  • L-C

    You’re not a racist, madmax. Whatever the status of your claims (which may very well be true), they aren’t based on racism, i.e. the notion that race inherently and necessarily determines character.

    Just because that notion isn’t true doesn’t mean there aren’t general factual differences between groups of people as divided into races.

  • Bill Brown

    Chuck and I would welcome you to Arizona gladly!

  • Richard_S

    “what will be the future of an entirely all Mexican and black California? Could you realistically expect to spread Objectivism in that culture?”

    Madmax that is disgustingly collectivist. What the hell is that supposed to mean exactly if it “isn’t racist”?

    You think hispanics and blacks are immune to good ideas. Get a clue. I’m so sick of your latent paleocon commentary here.

  • Inspector


    No matter how tedious it is to repeat the specification that you’re talking about culture and not race, you’re going to need to do it or your comments are going to sound racist. And it’s going to be a lot less work to add that specificity than it is to later explain how you’re not being racist. Just saying.

  • c andrew

    When did reginald denny die?

  • c andrew


    Just a point from the Idaho front. The jokers supporting the stupidity here are of the paler persuasion. And I don’t think that the subculture that created the paler failures of the Occupy Wall Street ilk are any more amenable to reasoned discourse, although Peter Schiff may yet prove me to be wrong about that.

    I think that Thomas Sowell does a reasonable job of teasing apart the issue of Race and Culture in his book (the first of a trilogy) of the same name.

    The fact that Jews dominate the New York diamond industry has more to do with the comparative advantage of their history in the trade than it does with any “grasping quality of the Jewish persona.” That’s the difference between Culture and Race. It occurs for the same reason that textile manufacturers tend to cluster together – support by and for the same trades and tradesmen – rather than some grand plan directing it from the top. And why typewriting manufacturers and gun manufacturers sprang up in close proximity – a requirement for fine tolerances in manufacturing and sub-trades and tradesmen that supported that capacity for such detailed work.

    The rise of La Raza and similar movements in California should come as no surprise; the Left has been active in that state at least since the Great Depression (as Robert Heinlein’s biography makes disturbingly clear) and we have 3 generations of Leftist Academia to thank for their pervasive indoctrination of specially created victim classes. It is their chosen behavior that is the issue here, not their unchosen attributes like skin color and the like. While that may be used as an inexact proxy, it has to be remembered that that is all that it is; akin to the relief that Jesse Jackson confessed to when he realized the young men behind him were white rather than black or when a young woman crosses the street to avoid an unknown male in the small hours of the morning. Prudential behavior, of course. But not something to make public policy on.

    In emergency situations – like an ongoing war – using such crude proxies might be necessary, but by the same token, they should be as short-lived as possible.

    In regard to the violence in the former Commonwealth nations, the same thing is happening there as is happening with the victim classes being created by the Leftist academia and with much the same cause although heightened by residual tribalism.

    The United States has been educating its enemies for years. Yamamoto was educated at Harvard but at least that left him with a genuine respect for the United States because his college experience took place before the Leftist Hegemony secured its hold on the Ivy League. Take a look at the nationalist leaders of the post-Empire period. You will find that most of them were graduates of Ivy League schools or their British equivalents – universities hostile to Western Enlightenment culture. Is it any wonder that the results of such education, expressed in the dictatorial regimes of such graduates and overlaid on a tribalist culture has such violent and barbaric outcomes?

    A German acquaintance of mine did the German equivalent of the peace corps before immigrating to the US – he’s a realtor now – and he did his public health work in Uganda. He told me that he attempted to explain the issues of sanitation – properly dug privies in relation to wells or groundwater or streams – as well as personal hygiene in terms of the germ theory of disease. The natives thought he was crazy. So he had to fall back on rote presentation – do this and thus because I said so or you will get sick and die.

    Certainly these are primitive societies. They probably would be better off with Western caretakers. Just as an illustration; the British Crown is estimated to have killed 20,000 Indians to enforce their rule over 300 years. In the single week after the Partition of India (following on Independence) between 150,000 and 1 million Indians were killed by their fellows.

    But I don’t think that it is in the West’s interest to take up the White Man’s Burden. I think it was just that foreign policy combined with the Fabian’s program at home that destroyed Britain. I think that America’s present program of intervention abroad and burgeoning fascism at home will do the same to us.

    The problem is not in a diverging skin colors or disparity in wealth but in the indoctrination by the Left made possible by the power of universities acting as quasi governmental entities. The student loan programs are exacerbating this problem by providing a 3rd party payer system that is inflating prices just as it has for the medical sectors. And these inflated prices are redistributing wealth from the middle class to the universities. Universities controlled by Leftist ideologues.

    You won’t fix this by fixating on perceptual level differences. Skin color is at best a crude proxy. It is the collectivist indoctrination made possible by an over-reaching government that is the problem. And insisting on skin color proxies is playing right into the hands of the collectivists. They want distinctions made on such a basis. It covers up their own culpability in the violence they are fomenting.

    There are no short cuts here. The power of government has to be rolled back. The power sharing arrangement between the totalitarian left and the false-faced “limited government” Republican leadership has to be exposed for what it is. In the short term, the Tea Parties are the best avenue toward that end if they can evade capture by the Social Conservatives. Look at how they outed John Boehner in the debt ceiling fight for what he actually is; a shill for the continued growth of government.

    The neo-cons need to be outed for the big government apologists that they are. The Soc-cons need to be shown for the big government apologists that they are. Because a government big enough to take the actions the SocCons want is big enough to take the actions the Neo-Cons want and the SocCons allegedly despise.

    An unapologetic defense of Capitalism and the moral and epistemological basis it requires is what is needed. Peter Schiff is doing good work on the political and economic levels. Objectivists can help with the moral and epistemological work.

  • L-C

    Andrew, no one here is making distinctions based on skin color. Madmax isn’t claiming that Mexicans vote Democrat because they’re brown; he’s saying _that_ they vote Democrat and that it has implications on demographics.

    Inspector has made the point that welfare statism combined with open immigration is an explosive mixture. This is true, and more: it comes with a built-in timer. Does this mean that immigration is the fundamental issue? No, statism is, which means that philosophy is. But a government that allows and sponsors welfare immigration drives a wedge between the interests of immigrants and that of natives. Everyone who votes for it is culpable, but those who don’t, have no obligation to undertake martyrdom for the sake of another’s “right to immigrate”, disconnected from a society where such a right is proper and not hostile toward his own life.

    My own country sees an unmatched level of immigration from the Middle East countries. In terms of percentage, they are supplanting native Swedes by a large amount every year. The combination of Islamization, welfare immigration and voting, and multiculturalism (boiling alive is as good as – and secretly (though increasingly less so) better than – a comfortable, happy Western life) guarantees the eventual downfall of a nation.

    Are all Swedes of ME heritage violent, career welfare takers, or even Muslim? Of course not. Many of them work. Practically every pizza place in the country is run by Turks or Iranians. You can see them working 10, sometimes 12 hours a day. Others can be found in various positions and vocations.

    But this productive subset is unfortunately little more than an inert compound in this mixture. The overall trend is still one in which the relatively Western culture is being replaced by a Middle Eastern one.

  • Inspector

    Thanks, L-C, for sharing some of that direct information from the ground level in Sweden. My position on open immigration is of course based on the principles in play, but it is ground-level information from folks like you – and some friends who have done Mexico-border work, among other things, that gives me the courage and certainty to support my position.

    It’s a lot like the “war on drugs.” Yes, absolutely, I would love to see us legalize drugs to cut the revenue stream off from the animals in the gangs. Just as I’d love to see us cut the welfare and multiculturalism that feed the reconquista. But we can’t pretend either problem can be solved in the here and now with those measures alone – the disease has metastasized already.

    As long as Madmax is talking about cultures, and not skin colors as such – and I’m reasonably convinced he is – then he has a good point. I do wish he’d be more mindful of his phrasing sometimes, but I already said as much above.

  • Jim May

    “Yeah, yeah. I’m a racist. Whatever.”

    Yup. That’s where that road goes, pal. Ideological causation drives men, not physical causation (i.e. race, genes, environment etc.) Period.

    When you aren’t going on like this you’re pretty sharp, madmax (at least, when you are using that handle) but this crap is just Neil Parille program execution, without the water-torture tone.

    I consider the possibility of large scale unrest and balkanization to be very likely; due in no small part to the Left, it’s already quite visible in U.S. cities. It’s one of the things I didn’t like in comparison to Canada (which was less visibly segregated for various reasons, some good and some bad).

    But racial *war*? That is no more likely than civil war drawn along other arbitrary lines (e.g. between states). A lot of other things would have to happen before things got that *primitive*, and Objectivists will likely have ceded defeat (or switched to a guerilla/survival outlook) long before then.

    One irony here, is that if things got that primitive, many of the tribes in that war will be drawn along religious lines as well — and those are the ones likeliest to end up dominant, for various cultural reasons already explained by Diana Hsieh and myself. Christian societies will be far more cohesive and organized than any primitive racial tribes, and will outcompete them. Once again, examine the history: What happened to the tribes of Africa and America when they encountered the conquerors from still-Christian Europe?

    The melting pot existed once; it was purely about ideas and culture, not race, and its karma ran over racial dogma like nothing seen before or since. That it existed at all refutes this racist/racialist bullshit.

    Something else to consider about your blind spot on religion, madmax: the theocrats need not rise to the power of the Left to kill us. There’s another way they can help the Left do that: they can co-opt and abort the Tea Party.

    The Occupations, La Raza etc. are all reruns of things we’ve seen before in history. Weimar, Tsarist Russia (for the first), modern Africa and all the primitive tribes throughout history (for the second). We know what to expect of these, given the history and the ideological flow (I’ve got a post coming up soon on that).

    However, as Leonard Peikoff says in “The Ominous Parallels”, there is an antidote to these things, which was not present to any significant degree in those eras or nations. It is present here, in unprecedented America itself, and (imperfectly) in the Tea Parties. If the religious right succeed in co-opting the latter (and nothing rose to replace it), it will empower the Left — and we’ll be in full-on Weimar mode. The Left will continue breaking things, the religious right will continue its growth as the “alternative”, the trap will close and the country fragments into your, ah, Mad Max scenario of civil wars between sundry tribes. Then you’ll have the post-apocalyptic scenario, as in post-Rome, where religion takes over by default.

    BUT! If the Tea Parties can resist the social conservatives and strengthen their Americanism, then we’re in uncharted territory. I don’t know if Americanism can complete its return, nor whether the Tea Parties are *the* vehicle for such or that something else will pick up where they leave off. Such a configuration of cultures as we have now, but with an element of genuine individualism present and strong, is historically rather unique.

    ONE enemy. Left fist, Right fist, same mugger. Get out of that trap!

  • Jim May

    Goddam it, I wrote up a huge comment and it went poof.

    Madmax: you’re a pretty sharp guy when you aren’t spouting that crap as if you haven’t read a thing I’ve written.

    Yeah, yeah. I’m a racist. Whatever.

    Yup. That’s where that road goes, pal. And therein lies the belly laugh of that racialist nonsense you are stuck on.

    Ideological causality moves men. It moves you. It is set in motion by a man’s choices, and its direction and flow in a man can only be altered by his choices. Physical causality — genetics and physical environment — merely define the space within which it operates. It does so for all humans.

    The irony is that you prove the point when you are going on with this racialist crap as if you’ve read nothing I’ve written. When you get onto this topic, you are executing a program that can’t handle exceptions, just like Neil Parille does (but with some greater depth, perhaps, and without his water-torture tone).

    I had a bunch more, but it’s late.

  • North Bridge

    “BUT! If the Tea Parties can resist the social conservatives and strengthen their Americanism, then we’re in uncharted territory.”

    Very a propos article yesterday on Pajamas Media: Tea Party Taboo: The Atheism of Ayn Rand

  • Neil Parille


    You write:

    Ideological causation drives men, not physical causation (i.e. race, genes, environment etc.)

    Why can’t it be both?

    -Neil Parille

  • Neil Parille


    For example, I don’t have a PhD in mathematics. In part it’s because I don’t have a great interest in math. However, I don’t have the aptitude to be a mathematician. Perhaps if I did I would have the interest.

    Have you read the Bell Curve and related literature? If you disagree with it, why not publish a critique.

  • madmax

    You think hispanics and blacks are immune to good ideas. Get a clue. I’m so sick of your latent paleocon commentary here.

    Mindless emotionalism. In our culture, blacks and hispanics are the most race conscious demographics out there. No, they are not genetically determined to be collectivists. But their culture and perhaps their biology (yes, I’m not convinced that there are not pre-rational drives that influence us, they can be overcome but they may still be there) pushes them in that direction. Also, given TODAY’s Leftist culture, the Left has a death grip on pretty much all non-whites. Not to understand this is to be blind to the world in which you live. Which sadly applies to far too many O’ists. Many of act like a white person can walk in any black or hispanic ghetto that he wants and his “individual rights” will protect him. Do you people not read the news.

    Good comments by Jim, L-C, and C.Andrew especially L-C. As a Swede, he is seeing population displacement work out right before his very eyes. But a brilliant fool like Binswanger will still lecture us on the merits of open immigration. So bright yet so stupid.

    I want individualism and laissez-faire to work, but I am not convinced that it is a certainty that they will. Human biology may prove to be far more influential than Ayn Rand thought. I don’t know. But evolutionary theory is not to be so easily dismissed. Humans are rational ANIMALS. It is the animality that Objectivism may give too short shrift too.

    We’ll see in time.

    Hey, look at it this way, my “latent Paleocon” stuff makes this the liveliest O’ist forum out there. Some of the others can bore you to sleep. See Objectivism Online for proof.

  • Neil

    Mr. Max,

    Harry Binswanger, in an article defending open immigration, implied that immigration reduces crime.

    The largest immigrant group is Hispanics. There are more Hispanics in prison for murder in the US than Whites.

    This is evasion on a massive scale.

  • Inspector


    I’d advice strong skepticism of such biological theories. Key philosophical errors at the root of the evolutionary biology theory can be surprisingly influential on hard science. You would think that hard science would be hard science, but a faulty assumption can be a very insidious thing. I wish I had some links, or something, but I’ve seen some pretty devastating critiques of this kind of thing by Objectivists who actually have some scientific background. Damn. Well, if I re-find any, I’ll let you know.

    Even if there is a grain of truth to them, the influence of biology on humans in that way is likely more subtle and less measurable or predictable than such scientists would have you believe. Especially on the scale of so-called “races.”

    In either case, the cultural argument doesn’t need any support from biological theories (hypotheses? suspicions?). Among Objectivist circles they’re viewed as junk science at best and racism at worst, so you’d be better off making your points on cultural terms in this venue.

    My personal take is the junk science side, rather than the racism side, and in either case I do believe your cultural argument stands on its own merits, independent of your biological one.

    But above all, my advice to you on this issue is: “don’t post angry.” Or, well, relatively speaking, anyhow.