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The Mandatory Option

October 30th, 2009 by Mike N · No Comments · Socialized Medicine

For about 80 yrs now the government has been trying to be everything to everyone, trying to provide everyone with their daily bread and failing miserably. Why?
Because the government has nothing to offer. All it has is its monopoly on physical force. All it can do is stand over the productive members of society with the club of physical force and compel obedience. Case in point: An editorial in today’s New York Times champions the new House health care bill saying in part:

“The bill requires employers, except for small businesses, to offer health coverage to their workers and pay a substantial share of the premiums or face a big penalty. That would be a useful prod to make insurance more available and affordable to employees.” (bold mine)

No Senator, Congressman, judge or member of the executive branch is going to insure anyone. All they can do is point a gun at the insurance companies, doctors and other health care professionals and decree ‘sacrifice or else.’ Then point another gun at the heads of citizens and decree ‘accept these sacrificial offerings or else.’

It is really sad to see an establishment of professional intellectuals like the Times advocating the government initiate force against citizens. It’s even sadder that professional organizations like the AMA and the ANA (American Nurses Assoc.) are willing to go along with the sacrifice of its members. But as long as people think sacrifice itself, for any reason, is virtuous, the destruction of medicine and our society will continue. It is trade not sacrifice that is virtuous. Trade represents voluntary relationships. Sacrifice requires force because it is contrary to human nature. Sacrifice is not the giving up of a value for some desired result. The loss of the value is the desired result.

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