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Ground Zero Mosque & War by Infiltration

July 4th, 2010 by Embedded I · 11 Comments · Uncategorized

It seems to me that some of our admired Objectivist friends do not sufficiently appreciate how widespread and insidious the Islamic threat actually is.  This is a war, and not simply of ideas.

Lies, Damn Lies, & Muslim Lies: The Muslim, and especially Islamic, ethics fully endorses the use of dishonesty to non-Muslims.   An article at the Middle East Forum site, makes this point very clear, explaining how the same Imam speaking in English says very benign things and then, in purportedly the same context in Arabic, is jihadist.   When the former explanation ends, The Mainstream Media end thinking.  See, The Two Faces of the Ground Zero Mosque.

Particularly notable about this mosque is that

  • few Muslims live in reasonable traveling distance of it, yet it is being constructed to hold thousands;
  • it is an Islamic tradition to build mosques over the most significant icons of vanquished enemies;
  • it is just another building to us, but to them it is proof of Allah’s will, & of Islam’s supremacy;  finally
  • its imam lied when denying non-American (Arabic)  funding for this mosque.

Were certain American communists, during the 1940s, given a pass when it became known they being funded and guided by Russia?  No, some were brought before an, unfortunately inept, HUAC  investigation, where Ayn Rand offered a vehement and factual testimony.  The communist problem collapsed on itself.  Islamism will not.

Losing World Freedom: see Geert Wilders on the Islamization of Europe. Is the U.S. Next? Wilders is passionate, and I see no reason to think he is scaremongering.  He describes the very frightening situation in Europe.  Already honor killings, efforts to impose Sharia Law (if only at a ‘community’ level), wife beatings, multiple wives and so forth are becoming more common in N. America.  Around the world, stonings, amputations (for the most menial of ‘crimes’), honor killings,  female genital mutilation, murderous fatwa‘s, etc. continue with no concern for the outcry of the non-Muslim & truly moderate Muslim world.

How large is ‘the problem’: Polls often speak in percentages, but when dealing with the Muslim world, 1% constitutes an enormous number of people.  In round numbers there are 1.5 – 1.9 billion Muslims.  According to a PEW poll prior to 2007, some 6% of Muslims support suicide bombings.  That is, 102,876,651 Muslims Approve of Suicide Bombing.  A hundred million!  That does not mean they would do it themselves, but as the article points out, if only 0.1% of those did act, that would constitute ~ 103,000 suicide bombers.

Islamist First Column: Infiltration of the enemy used to be seen as a ‘fifth column‘ an attacker could use.   Islam is using infiltration as a 1st column.  It is the new guerrilla strategy…  The British Redcoats formed neat rows of men, who took turns firing their muzzle loaders at the equally organized enemy, until one side surrendered.  They had no idea how to oppose the guerrilla tactics of America’s early settlers (who had learned from the Indians), and were roundly beaten.  Raise this British confusion to a new level.  How does one oppose a very definite enemy that is openly working within the best political framework of any nation, to destroy that framework?   How the Infiltration develops, see Islamization of Europe and Policies to Prevent It,  can be seen to involve distinct stages, suggesting solutions may be found in the early stages. [The suggested solutions in the article seem pragmatic, and rather short on just how they would be achieved, but Individual Rights are considered necessary.]

Simply making a special case that overrides Property Rights has all the flaws its Objectivist opponents fear.  But what is possible  in America’s present political state of affairs?   What would enable quick and decisive action to eliminate myriad plots for inciting public disorder &/or treason, and No Go Zones, such as are now occurring in Europe?

Against all of the above,  cries to protect American property rights will be as a tea cup in a tornado.  Those rights are so woozy now, it is better to stop the insidious horde at every turn, perhaps through well defined, vigorously enforced, peacetime anti-sedition laws.

America is not even the major focus for Muslim infiltration —presently that focus is Europe.  There are only about 2.35 million U.S. Muslims. When the World’s Islamists fully turn to America —and find they have her in much the same position as Spain, France or Holland— U.S. citizens, including moderate American Muslims, will have much more immediate fears than property right concerns.  At present, Islamists here are mainly in pursuit of symbolic and legal victories that undermine America.  The leaders hope, when the numbers are right, that an Islamist war can be sprung in America as if it were a  no-county-is-safe, civil war.  They already think they are winning.  They must not gain the symbolic victory of a Ground Zero mosque.

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  • Ashley

    OK, but how are you proposing to stop it?

  • madmax

    The Ground Zero Mosque is not an easy case. I can see Objectivists being divided on this for legitimate reasons. Applications of Objectivism to difficult subjects like war, how to deal with Islam, immigration, etc are not easy. In today’s egalitarian Leftist world characterized by its ruthless commitment to moral relativism, we will never be able to defend ourselves against Islam. Also, this blog post talks about “No Go” zones. We already have those and they aren’t Islamic. They are black and Hispanic. We’ll get the Islamic ones too in time. The United States is on its way to looking like Brazil.

    In its current state, America can not defend itself against Islam and it can not assimilate its immigrants and therefore perpetuate the best parts of its cultural legacy. Once the demographics change to the point where Americans of European descent are less than 50% of the total population, there will be no going back.

    This country is living on borrowed time. Celebrating the 4th of July is in many ways a pointless pursuit. The America of the Founding Fathers is dead. ObamaCare was its official deathknell. Tough to be positive these days.

  • L-C

    The politicians of Sweden are not merely pacifist toward Islam, but engaged in its expansion. It is an aggressive form of one-way pacifism aimed against the remnants of Western civilization. I doubt it will be more than one generation (if that) until the non-secluded non-millionaires start feeling the heat all over the country, as is already the case in large parts of southern Sweden.

    The aim and current course of this force is a Dark Ages from which there might never spring a Renaissance. Not the Middle Ages, but the Final Age.

    It may very well be the most decisive war in history. The militarily powerful Soviet Union might have been puny by comparison. They still wanted life, to an extent, and that was more worth than their thousands of nuclear warheads.

    Gradualism is a method of war that is unfathomably effective against pragmatists, altruists and pacifists. It is the slow detonation of ten thousand thermonuclear bombs that no one chooses to see.

  • l5j6f7

    It’s all about the immigration, period. The USA and the West in general is doomed if it continues admitting huge numbers of non-Western peoples under the banner of “diversity and multi-culturalism”.

    Furthermore, Islam is not just a religion but a political ideology as well and one fairly hostile to the Western tradition of individual liberty and a decent separation of church and state.

    It’s not the all or most Muslims are bomb throwing radicals; it’s that they keep coming in numbers ever growing, raising mosques and spreading the ideology of the sword, created by the Arab general, Mohammed.

    Stop or at least reduce immigration.

  • Jim May

    Xenophobe “l5j6f7”: your sorry rationalizations for your particular vice are destroyed here.

    Thanks for playing.

  • Roy

    Jim May,’

    I’m not sure why you think tossing out insults constitutes a valid argument.

  • Mike

    “It is the slow detonation of ten thousand thermonuclear bombs that no one chooses to see.”

    Perfectly stated, L-C.

    Jim, I think you just blew a “teachable moment.” I hear l5j6f7’s arguments every day from people in the community. It is not xenophobia that drives them, but the knowledge that there is a problem whose genuine solutions are proving too elusive for the concrete-bound epistemology that prevails today. They call for limits on immigration because that’s the one approach that they completely grasp that SEEMS like it will solve the problem. The real answer, of course, is to abolish the welfare state so that open immigration becomes a win-win situation for virtually everybody and issues such as the Islamicization of a nation are more clearly distinguished for what they are… but to reach the point at which most people will agree to dismantle the welfare state, there is an entire rational, objective philosophical foundation that those people must understand. Too few of them realize they need to learn it, and too few are teaching it.

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  • Jim May

    Mike: perhaps, but I don’t imagine there was any teachability in someone who leads off with “It’s the immigration, period.

    The link goes to my earlier post on the matter, which has everything you note…. not that “Roy” bothered to notice.

    It is true that there exist many that fit your characterization, but in my experience, especially in regards to the “anti-ILLEGAL immigration” dodge, far too many of those spouting that sort of thing are being less than forthright with their real motives. Rare is the person whose “close the borders” argument is even respectable.

    So, while I’m less optimistic than you are in this respect, I do appreciate and will note your comment feedback, especially your point that “too few are teaching it”.

  • westborn

    America is a nation of immigrants. For centuries settlers poured into the new land from all parts of Europe, especially from England and western Europe. They eagerly assimilated into the new “America,” embraced its language and culture, lived its principles of self-reliance and industrious enterprise. Most significantly, they all shared the common bond of the same white race and its congenital traits. Ethnic differences by country origin readily melted away and fused into their root identity of race as Euro-white Americans. America was predominantly a white nation for centuries – until the 1950s.

    As the Civil Rights movement gained political power in the 1950s, vote-conscious legislators were pressured for increased immigration from nonwhite countries, especially Africa and the Caribbean. After many aborted attempts at changes in immigration laws, finally the landmark immigration laws of 1965 opened the borders to a deluge of nonwhite immigrants. While still restricting immigration of whites, a critical part of the law permitted unlimited immigration based on the criterion of family reunification. Thus recent nonwhite immigrants already in the U.S. could import their relatives who, in turn, could bring over more relatives. Many join the welfare roles soon after arrival. Unlike white immigrants of the past, the nonwhite newcomers resist assimilation, tend to cling to the languages, behaviors, dress and cultures of their native races.

    The U.S. is no longer a melting pot of white ethnic immigrants merged into a single national blend. It is instead a mosaic of countless sharp-edge tiles, each of diverse race and color. Racial and tribal groups, along with infinite shades of brown, are visibly delineated, often mutually hostile, preserving here the identity, language, dress and culture of strange third-world origins.

    The Census Bureau projects a nonwhite majority nationwide about 2050, Euro-whites the fading minority. This demographic pattern, combined with rising rates of interracial marriage, virtually assures the extinction of the white race in the U.S. The U.S. will then resemble in no way the original “America,” only third- world regions such as Africa.

    Scenarios for the Next Fifty Years:

    Scenario 1. Acquiescence. The most probable future for whites is their ultimate extinction in the U.S. They just don’t care about the demise of their race. From the current mosaic will emerge a new melting pot of racial hybrids, many shades of brown, few of either purely white or black race, very similar to the population hodgepodge of Brazil today.

    Scenario 2. White Takeback of Our Country. At white apathy’s opposite extreme, there exist today passionate and activist white -preservation organizations along with their cousin groups of white supremacists, determined to roll back the nonwhite invasions and restore the country to its original Euro- white preeminence. The more moderate envision political action to repeal anti-white Civil Rights and antidiscrimination laws. The result could be bloody race wars of unimaginable scope in casualties and consequences. It is hard to fantasize any winners in such a mutually annihilating civil war.

    Scenario 3. Secession from the U.S. Many whites reject the above scenarios as unrealistic strategies for white preservation. They recognize as simply accomplished fact the irremovable presence of 80 million nonwhites in the U.S. As the only remaining and realistic alternative, they thus advocate some form of
    racial separation. Such separateness of the races and living comfortably with one’s “own kind” are not only a prized vision of Euro-whites. Many black and Hispanic activists seek the same geographical identity. Any state (or groups of states) could secede, abolish all anti-white “Civil Rights” laws, restore the traditional “America”
    and its values. This strategy, despite its challenges of painful relocations, upheavals and reestablishing of family roots, provides the hard but realistic path to real preservation of the Euro-white race. Such a path assumes dedicated
    firm white will and numbers who genuinely care enough about white preservation for their children to do so rather than merely dream so.

  • Patti

    It’s definitely something that everyone needs to be a lot more pro-active about preventing! Check out the site Islamism can however collapse on itself, the fall of the Ottoman empire is proof of that ,,AND the two Islamic groups fighting over control of Gaza right now can’t govern themselves, much less a country the size of America. Also check out the site,,very compelling information compiled largely from people who LEFT Islam!