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Making It Worth Their While to Stick Around

May 17th, 2012 by Bill Brown · 2 Comments · Politics

What’s the difference in principle between physically preventing your citizens from leaving, taking hostages to keep them around, and robbing them blind to give them second thoughts?

Next thing you know we’ll be needing papers to travel.

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  • c andrew

    Didn’t the old Soviet Union charge their “refuseniks” for their education and made them pay up before they would let them emigrate? And weren’t the particular targets Russian Jews trying to get to Israel?

    Gee Chucky Schumer. Looks like you really have learned the lessons of history – you Schmuck.

  • North Bridge

    The point is not to prevent wealthy people from leaving. I don’t think the Left would care if every capitalist were gone, so long as all their wealth is expropriated on the way out.

    The goal is not to keep them here. It is not to reap continued benefits from their work. It is not to ensure a growing economy. It is not even to feed the poor. The only goal here is expropriation, as an end-in-itself — to show those bastards who’s in charge.