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Sander Levin’s Republican Bashing

March 14th, 2014 by Mike N · No Comments · Politics, Socialized Medicine

My US Congressman Sander Levin of Michigan sent out his Congressional Connector newsletter this week and like usual never misses a chance to bash Republicans. Here is his first paragraph:

House Leaders Push Through “Polluter Protection Act”

“Instead of taking action to create jobs, or restore benefits to the 2 million Americans who have been cut off from Emergency Unemployment Compensation since December 28, the Republican Leadership of the House of Representatives brought a bill [H.R. 3826] to the House Floor on March 5th to strip the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to address carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants – the largest source of carbon pollution in the United States. The House approved the measure on a vote of 229 to 183.”

First of all let me say that the reason unemployment benefits were cut off is because the emergency benefits legislation expired. Also Mr Levin’s President Obama keeps telling us we are and have been in a recovery for several years so why the need for all the emergency benefits?I’m glad the House passed HR 3826 to strip the authority from the EPA to shut down coal burning plants. First there is nothing in the Constitution giving government the right to manage the nation’s power supply. The market would do that nicely if left free to do so. Second, the EPA is one of the biggest violators of property rights in the nation. It’s mission is to protect the environment of every creature except one–man. The amoeba, earthworm, spotted owl, et al have a right to their environment. Man does not.

Remember eleven years ago when the eastern half of the grid went down for three days and we found out that most of our capacity was running just under max? Do you really think shutting down 4 more plants as has been done without any new ones built is a sign that Mr Levin cares about the integrity of the grid, that is, your environment and mine? I think that Mr Levin’s desire to let the EPA keep shutting down plants and putting all those workers in the unemployment line where Obama’s economic recovery now requires emergency benefits is a strange way to show a concern for the unemployed.

Mr Levin’s anti-free market bias isn’t confined to the environment. It’s found in health care as well.

“Also on March 5, House Republicans voted for the 50th time to undermine health care reform. Speaking against the bill on the House Floor, Rep. Levin said, “This time it’s the 50th time that House Republicans have brought up legislation to repeal or to undermine the Affordable Care Act…. Just look at this — 50 votes. With zero votes to raise the minimum wage. Zero votes to renew unemployment insurance. Zero votes to guarantee paycheck fairness. Zero votes to pass immigration reform.” The House passed the bill on a vote of 250 to 160, but – as with the previous 49 attempts – the measure is not expected to advance further and become law.”

Wow! 50 times? I admire their persistence even though it’s been an exercise in futility. I say futility because the republicans keep limiting themselves to the practical arguments that ObamaCare doesn’t work, is a practical disaster and so on conceding the moral argument to the Dems. The Democrats don’t deserve the moral high ground. There is nothing moral about ObamaCare. But the moral argument terrifies the Republicans. They won’t pick it up because they secretly believe the Democrats are right, morally right. Well they’re not and the Republicans need to discover it soon and help the various Tea Parties educate the public. The reason they don’t help the Tea Parties and seek to ‘crush them’ instead is because they’re terrified of discovering they share the same anti-capitalist, anti-free market, anti-American collectivist premises as the Democrats.

Yes, the Republicans need bashing but not for the reasons Mr. Levin cites. The Democrats are misleading the people with false ideas as to what is in their interests. The Republicans need to tell the people that things like the minimum wage, welfare programs, subsidies to business and all economic regulations not to mentions this latest notion of guaranteed paycheck fairness[!!], are not in their interests and then explain why; that the history of capitalism in our school books is in error and demonstrate that fact. It will be an uphill fight for sure since the Democrats control the education system. The Republicans need to end that control. Education belongs to the free market not any political party.

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