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The Only Winning Move

January 30th, 2021 by Bill Brown · No Comments · Found on the Web

Clarity in Trump’s Wake: this is a long essay but insightful in its sprawling. The people versus the elites; populism versus oligarchy. Trump was so close to what we needed—someone willing to take on the oligarchs but not susceptible to their weaknesses—but his lack of principle made him tack slightly nihilist.

We are where we are thanks for false dichotomies and package dealing: doubt the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis and you’re a denier and anti-science—even as Climategate illustrated that the climate modelers did not deserve respect and skeptics’ anti-science was heavily localized to these scientists; balk at critical race theory and you’re a white supremacist—despite relishing in the objections of Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Glenn Lowry, John McWhorter, Coleman Hughes, and a raft of other black intellectuals criticizing the racism of the “antiracism” and “diversity” movements; and skepticism about the handling of the pandemic is tarnished as anti-science, anti-expert, and apathy towards others’ safety—despite the general early compliance with staying home, helping the elderly with shopping, and runs on N95 masks.

The false dichotomy of populism versus oligarchy is essentially collectivism or collectivism. But Trump’s pragmatism blinded him to the dichotomy and he chose the side that stuck it to the elites. The Third Way to which Trump held some promise to lead us is individualism. We need a new coin, rather than keep restricting ourselves to one side or the other.

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