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January 29th, 2021 by Bill Brown · 1 Comment · Found on the Web

Insurrection aftermath – Staffers struggle with trauma, guilt and fear: this article describes the trauma of January 6th that has led many Congressional employees to avail themselves of therapy and other mental health resources. There are oblique references scattered throughout that “a number of lawmakers and senior staffers … had been working remotely”—making one wonder if maybe they could’ve used the help prior to the riot. One also wonders if they’re somehow able to watch Law and Order, the news, or, worse, horror movies without experiencing similar trauma. Good thing the National Guard is there protecting them from future workplace violence.

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    […] her story even though she was across the street from where the violent rioters were. I mean, she could’ve experienced trauma from home watching it on TV. (I confess to taking a certain glee in those who have changed the […]